Security Appliance

Minimize exposure of your plant's infrastructure by restricting traffic types, ports, malformed packets, and devices from accessing your equipment. Security appliances like the Stratix 5950 make locking-down your network quick and easy.

Remote Connection

We can assist you from our offices with the use of remote connectivity devices such as the mGuard VPN Router or the eWon VPN Router. Simply enable the VPN devices via a local selector switch and disable the connection when the project is complete.



We have experience designing star, linear, and ring topologies in industrial environments. We can connect each area of your plant to your main distribution frame via your IDFs and local industrial switches. From here we can consolidate your data, run your distributed visualization applications, and manage your network.


Proper segmentation (physical or virtual) of your network can reduce unnecessary traffic and increase throughput and management abilities.


Slow network? We can help you determine the sources of unnecessary ARP requests or any variety of broadcast traffic so you can regain control of your network.



We can help you retreive the critical data from your systems and give you the knowledge you need to improve your efficiency.


We use SAN and NAS storage for facilities collecting large amounts of data and selecting based on rate of data acquisition and accessibility.


Dashboards and reports make visualizing the data logged from your production lines much easier to discuss and transmit. Let us help you make it visible.

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