Production Layout

Prokuma can provide a layout for your equipment and recommend the ideal system to suit your production needs. Some of the layouts we can provide include:

· Lean cells ·
· Dial indexer systems ·
· Palletized systems ·
· Non-palletized transfer systems with station ·

Motor & Gear Sizing

Prokuma’s experience in various manufacturing industries has provided us the valuable application expertise to offer proper application and sizing of the various motors available with proper gearing type for your application. We have experience with:

· AC motors with gear boxes for conveyor systems, exhaust fans, mixers, and more ·
· Servomotors with gear boxes for critical applications such as presses, high-speed loaders, and precise placement of components for assembly/testing ·
· DC motors with gear boxes for applications such as hoisting, conveyor systems, barge hauls, and more ·

Pump Sizing

Prokuma can determine pump sizing for your applications whether in a process system or on a machine. We have experience with:

· Grease pumps and applicators ·
· Centrifugal pumps ·
· Positive displacement pumps ·
· Diaphragm pumps ·
· Piston pumps ·

Air Compressor System

Prokuma can specify your compressed air system. We have experience with:

· Reciprocating piston compressors ·
· Rotary screw compressors ·
· Centrifugal compressors ·

Mechanical Safety Guarding

Machine guarding is critical for the safety of the workers. Prokuma offers complete design for safety guarding for many types of equipment. We have experience with:

· Rigid machine guarding ·
· Robot safety fencing ·
· Rope pull emergency systems ·
· Safety area scanners ·
· Calculating safety distance for light curtains ·

Machine Design

Prokuma has experience with various types of machine design including:

· Stand-alone work cells ·
· Dial indexing systems ·
· Palletized conveyor systems ·
· Non-palletized transfer systems ·
· Robotic assembly cells ·
· Robotic material handling systems ·

Robot End-of-arm Tooling

Prokuma has experience with the design of various types of robotic tooling. We have designed robotic tooling for industries such as medical, automotive, and packaging to name a few. We have designed fixed tooling as well as utilizing quick change heads for rapid change-over between product models. We have design experience with:

· Vacuum head tooling ·
· Pneumatic gripper tooling ·
· Electric gripper tooling ·


We can review the quality critical parameters within your manufacturing process to ensure your equipment is building quality into the product and not wasteful spending of quality inspection after the process is completed. We can also provide:

· Inspection fixtures ·
· Testing fixtures ·
· Vision inspection systems ·

Manufacturing Process


Prokuma can work with the manufacturing process you have in place whether it is a repetitive, discrete, batch or continuous. Our experience in various environments allows us to present innovative solutions to meet your most complicated process requirements.


Prokuma's experience with dedicated equipment and processes allows us to provide the following services:

· Written equipment specifications for new equipment ·
· Modification and optimization of existing processes. As an example, implementation of automatic part feeding and loading for labor reduction savings ·


With Just-In-Time (JIT) requirements for products and equipment utilization at the front of production managers minds, our experience with flexible equipment and processes allows us to provide innovative solutions to meet these needs. Some examples would be:

· Quick change-over fixtures ·
· Quick change-over tooling ·
· Flexible feeder systems ·
· Implementation of robots ·


Prokuma has experience with batch system processes to provide the customer small runs as demand requires. Evaluation of the products we can design a system to allow for batch runs yet maximize the equipment utilization. An example of a batch system improvement would be replacement of pneumatic presses with servo presses for quality assurance enhancements and flexibility of the system.


Our experience with continuous systems allows us to design and/or provide process improvement initiatives to optimize production as well as quality.

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