Contractor Management

Levels of Management

It is common business practice for contractors to be responsible for large portions of a project. In today’s environment, many contractors provide a portion of the work and sub-contract other pieces. It is necessary for a trained and certified project manager work to on your behalf with these contractors to ensure the scope of work in its entirety as governed by the terms and conditions of the contract is completed. Our experience with contractor management include:

· Full turn-key systems ·
· Engineered only systems ·
· Electrical contractor management ·
· Mechanical contractor management ·

Project Scheduling

Prokuma utilizes the latest scheduling tools and techniques to properly schedule your project. We can develop a preliminary schedule during the project initiation phase. Once the project is approved, we can develop a detailed schedule with dates in order to properly execute, monitor and control, and close the project.


Project Review & Recovery

We first will review the project’s current state to identify the areas in jeopardy. Some areas of concern often include issues with scope, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control. We will present our assessment to the senior leadership team recognizing the project's accomplishments to date, while calling out the major issues that caused it to veer off track. A corrective plan will be provided as part of this presentation.



Prokuma can provide a risk assessment for your project working with your existing project team. Many team members only focus on the negative risks. We will also evaluate the positive risks on your project and exploit those impacts to capitalize on them. It is in your projects best interest to leverage our years of experience for your assessments.

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